Who (Who we are) Out in Chilliwack is lead by a small group of dedicated volunteers committed to the equality of every person regardless of their sexual orientation. They are working alongside founder Clarke Fryer to help promote LGBTQ rights in smaller communities such as Chilliwack and its surrounding areas. With the belief that every person has the right to feel safe in their own community our organization is pushing to create safe spaces within our schools, community centres, and local business. If you know of a business or someone that would like to become involved with us please visit our contact page.

What (What we do)We have created a safe space social that runs weekly (every Sunday 6 - 9 pm) at different venues offering a co-ed all age fun relaxed atmosphere helping to connect the LGBTQ community outside of larger cities. Although the socials are in place to meet and have fun, we also offer peer to peer support as well as referrals to LGBTQ friendly counselling centers who deal specifically with more serious issues/addictions. We offer social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. As well we also offer anti-homophobia speaks and workshops that can be designed for small to larger groups in schools, businesses, and community centers. Along with these services we can provide resources dealing with LGBTQ issues to educators, teachers, employers, parents and youth in several different aspects.

Where (Where can we be found)We currently only offer our weekly social in the Chilliwack area, however, resources, speaks, and workshops may be requested across the Lower Mainland. We are working towards spreading further services to reach out to neighbouring cities in the future. For more information about future projects or if you would like to help us, please EMAIL us.

Why (Why do we do it)Since 1995 when sexual orientation was specifically adopted into section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, several major advancements have been made for the LGBTQ people of Canada. Such as adoption of a child to same sex families in the early 2000's, same sex marriage in 2005 by the Federal government of Canada as well as several anti-bullying and harassment policies in businesses and school over this time. However the sad fact remains that through all of these amazing accomplishments many Canadians, especially those in smaller communities still choose to discriminate against people due to their sexual orientation. What Out in Chilliwack is hoping to do is continually educate and integrate people into our schools and community to create awareness about these issues and show that every person deserves equality regardless of their sexual orientation.